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Two Kiwis among the Vikings 12.07.2011
Winding up the Silk Thread 12.06.2011
Krakow and Kazimierz, Poland 07.06.2011
Stretching the Silk Thread in Ukraine 02.06.2011
Hobbits and Nissans in Volgograd, Russia 31.05.2011
Parading Legs in Astrakhan 24.05.2011
Silk Road through Kazakhstan 20.05.2011
Exit from Uzbekistan 17.05.2011
Chasing the Aral 16.05.2011
Silk Road Cities 16.05.2011
Tashkent Revisited 06.05.2011
On the Roof of the World 30.04.2011
More along the Silk Road in China 24.04.2011
Following the Silk Road 20.04.2011
Up Close and Personal 18.04.2011
Chopsticks and chillies 14.04.2011
Stage One Completed 11.04.2011
Why don't they just bulldoze them down? 07.04.2011
China is waiting for you 04.04.2011
What's the chicken for? 30.03.2011
Committing to the adventure 18.03.2011
An Adventure 14.03.2011